What did they say about Subversion to Red _ Charles Esche

  Nada Prlja’s exhibition had a heart that was lacking for me in the central pavilion. The works engaged a personal history that also had impact on our current society. The end of socialism was captured formally in the sculptures and photographs, works that combined perfectly with the slightly decayed spaces of the Venetian palazzo….

About individual works, presented at the pavilion

The Collection: She does what she wants III The focal point of the sculpture The Collection: She does what she wants III, is a ready-made ball of stone, an object Prlja found displaced and neglected on the streets of Skopje, which was once used as a barrier prohibiting the parking of cars on the pedestrian…

Chantal Mouffe_uses for her lectures drawing by Nada Prlja

Go to original website Chantal Mouffe – ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas PDF In 2014, ICIA – Institute for Contemporary Ideas and Art invited Chantal Mouffe in connection with the group exhibition Counterparts taking place just before the Swedish election. Amongst other things she talked about artivism – artistic strategies in the contemporary political…


Go to original link. Segnaliamo e condividiamo con piacere il disegno di Nada Prlja, artista del Padiglione della Macedonia del Nord alla Biennale Arte 2019 di Venezia –  realizzato per la Copertina de “La Lettura” in edicola con il Corriere della Sera fino a sabato 7 Settembre. Nada Prlja – Red Discussionn 2 Chantal Mouffe  – Inchiostro e marker su carta – 35x50cm – 2019…

What did they say about us_Angelika Apsis

‘…There is no nicer and bigger challenge than working with the best, like you Nada Prlja. That what I have learned, through this most successful representation of our state in Venice, is that good and valuable people make beautiful things to happen!…’ Angelika Apsis Fundraiser for N. Macedonian Pavilion