Subversion to Red

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Nada Prlja’s project Subversion to Red provocatively stimulates the search for alternative forms of art and socio-political formations, by revisiting specific concepts and societal models from the past.  The interdisciplinary exhibition, in which installation and performative practices co-exist, exemplifies the Macedonian artist’s highly particular theoretical and visual approach in the world of art today.

The Subversion to Red project encourages a return to the ‘forgotten’ notions of idealism and ideology, as a form of motivation in contemporary society. It proposes a re-reading and a de/re-construction of the postulates of Marxist theory and Leftist thought, in order to seek their compatibility with today’s society, by introducing subversive qualities and the playfulness of the artist’s practice, as a way of indirectly influencing reality.

The project strives to develop a certain anarchistic imaginary of politics – in other words, a ‘politics of subversion’, the subversion of the rigid communism of the 20th century, while at the same time striving to subvert the cruelty of the current, economy driven capitalism.